Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Great Clean Out...

Right after Christmas while Joy and I were still in Dillon we had the great idea to clean out our old playroom and the storage areas in Mom's house that were filled with our old toys and obviously stuffed animals!! I don't think we realized what a job it was going to be before we got started. It took us three days of nothing but cleaning, throwing out, and organizing!! We threw out around 40 bags of trash, 5 or 6 being nothing but old magazines and gave aways 7 boxes to a thrift store in Dillon and 2 huge bins of books were taken to the library. We decided that there is such a thing as a house having too many storage areas. We cleaned out two of her storage areas that are the size of small bedrooms, one small dormer area in my bedroom, and a dormer storage area the length of the playroom which is pretty long as it is the room over the garage. There is still a whole lot of other areas that were left untouched!! But once we finished we had a nice new playroom for Audrey and we actually had a pretty fun time at some points looking at all the stuff we found!!

The pile of stuffed animals and dolls was massive!! We actually kept a lot of them and then made bags of the other for Mom to take somewhere to have them shipped over seas for kids. 

We found Kool-Aid kid and Pee Wee, yep we were pretty cool. 

Joy couldn't party with her puppy surprise dogs. Anybody else remember these. They have puppies in the belly and you never knew how many puppies were inside until you bought one!!

I found this classic picture of Kristin and I from a spend the night party many, many years ago!!
.....need I say more..We did put this in the giveaway or maybe even trash pile, but don't worry I kept my New Kids sleeping bag.
the due box from a club.....too bad no dues were in it.
I also ended up cleaning out my closet and realized when our house was renovated a couple years back the painters so kindly painted around Kristin writing on my closet wall once upon a time when I was grounded from playing with her for a whole month!! We of course thought we could be sneaky and get away with her hiding out in my bedroom. Yea, we definitely got caught!

This is just one of the piles of trash that was taken off. The first pile got picked up the day before!!
Audrey thought her new playroom was better than Christmas morning!!


Erin said...

I had the same dollhouse with the blue roof!! I can't wait until my girl is old enough to play with my old toys. What a fun trip down memory lane! :)

emily said...

Wow...what an undertaking. I don't event want to begin thinking about my old closet!