Monday, January 6, 2014

Our Christmas...

We had a great two weeks off and enjoyed every second of our Christmas vacation. We even got in a routine of sleeping in until around 8:30-9 and so you know this morning was a definite rude awakening in our household. Luckily the cold weather came in and we get to stay in bed a little later in the morning as well so we can ease back into the real world.

Our Christmas started on the 22nd with Ray's family. Sadly we didn't get any pictures that night, but we definitely had lots of yummy food and it is always a treat to get to spend time with Rachel, Charlie, Halle and Cannon. Audrey loved playing with Halle, I really wish I would have taken a picture of the two of them, they were too cute together.

On Monday afternoon, Audrey and I headed to Dillon and Ray came shortly after work. Christmas Eve morning, Joy and Audrey had a book opening session. We had gotten a little behind on opening a book a night when Audrey was sick and we were in survival mode so we had a couple to open and read.

We also did some last minute stocking stuffer shopping around town and then got ready and headed to the Christmas Eve service at church. Sadly, this was the best picture we got as a family all Christmas break. Luckily Daddy B. took lots of video on Christmas morning.

After church we got in our pjs and Daddy B. read Audrey The Night Before Christmas in his office.

Christmas morning we woke up around 8 and Santa had come!! We opened gifts for quite awhile, took a break and ate breakfast and then got back to opening gifts and stockings. Audrey loved every minute of it and had a hard time deciding what to play with.

One of my favorite gifts we got was matching dresses from Aunt Joy. Ray even got a matching seersucker tie and Audrey got bows as well to go with each dress!! She had been hard at work sewing for us.
The day after Christmas Joy, Julie Ann, and I did a little outlet shopping at the beach and then the next day Joy, Mom, and I went to Florence. Mom and Audrey had a big time riding the train at the mall.

Audrey also had lots of fun getting to play with Layla!! She misses her puppy, although I am not sure Layla feels the same. She is staying at Mimi and Daddy B's house while our house is on the market and I think she is probably liking the vacation from the toddler.

One thing Audrey got in her stocking was bubble bath and so she took her very first bubble bath in Mimi's bathtime while we were in Dillon!!

We spent lots and lots of time in our pjs too. Audrey had a great time lounging around just playing and Joy and I were busy cleaning out storage spaces at Mom's after Christmas...a whole post is coming on that!

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Erin said...

I LOVE her plaid pajamas! Was it a night gown?? Looks like you had a wonderful holiday!