Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's Eve....

New Year's Eve this year was spent in Dillon. Ray had to work and we didn't have any plans so Audrey and I decided to stay and hang out with the family a little longer. You know it is a sign you are getting old when you start your New Year's Eve evening with a trip to the small local movie theater to see Madea with the parents. I haven't been to this theater in soooo long, actually not at all since they have renovated and re-opened, but you can tell it is definitely in a small town just from looking at the pictures. If that's not enough for you we got a large popcorn, two medium drinks, m&m's, and a water for $10.73. I was so shocked I took a picture! That would have been like 50 bucks anywhere else.
While we were at the movies, Joy, Julie Ann, and Dorothy were so sweet as to babysit Audrey and put her to bed so when we got home we could ring in the new year with s'mores and hot chocolate...yet another sign of old age, but I wouldn't have had it any other way!!

My Dad's first s'more ever!!

Joy, Julie Ann, and I actually made it until right before midnight sitting out by the fire and then we decided we would go in and watch the ball drop before heading to bed!! Crazy night I tell ya!!

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Erin said...

First s'more?! Wow! I rang in the new year nursing my 2 month old...so I'm right there with ya! Still sounds like it was a fun night!! :)