Thursday, February 19, 2015

Love Week Recap!!

I love Valentine's Day! Really, I love any excuse to dress my child in holiday themed clothing and give each other special things!! Last Monday we didn't have such a great start to our week so I decided after school we definitely needed a special trip to Krispy Kreme and to Barnes and Noble to read some books and play with the lego table.

We made special Valentine's to send to our family in the mail and then for Audrey's class we did Olaf Valentine's with hugs. I said I was never going to send candy to school with my child for Valentine's day (boy the things you say you will never do) but Olaf is her absolute favorite. So, warm hugs it was. Not to mention I had already printed off and cut out color my world labels for her to take crayons to her friends. Oh well!! She was able to help me out with these by counting out her hugs for each bag. For her teachers, we did the EOS monster valentines, lotion, and some Hershey hugs as well.

On Saturday morning, we had chocolate chip pancakes and exchanged gifts. Audrey got some books, The Little Mermaid, and pajamas. She and I gave Ray a new pillow and some of his favorite chips that you have to order online because nothing says love like a bag of potato chips. They gave me a new family charm for my Pandora bracelet.

"Here Daddy, so you can sleep good!!"

Later in the day, Audrey and I made some Valentine's cupcakes and a heart shaped cake. She acted as if the cake was her smash cake and went to town on the icing.

Saturday afternoon I met Casey for a Galentine's Starbucks latte and a pedicure. We also went all over the place looking for some gloves and snow pants for Audrey in preparation of the ice storm, but apparently stores around here are ready for Summer because all we found were bathing suits.

We took a fun family Valentine's date to get Audrey's first hair cut when I got home. She did great with the actual hair cut but she was not about to let them shampoo her hair or wear the "princess cape."

....and then we celebrated with a trip to Monterrey's for some "chips and cheese" as Audrey would say, going out to eat chips and cheese may be her favorite thing to do these days!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This past Saturday the circus was in town, so we headed to the 11 show that morning. We made a pit stop at Krispy Kreme. This was Audrey's first Krispy Kreme trip and I think even her first Krispy Kreme donut! She may have liked it just as well as she liked the circus! It was such a fun morning, her favorite was the dog act, I think this may have been because they also played Shake it Off during their performance, haha, she is obsessed with that song!


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Insta January....

So the other night I caught my blog up on Ray's ipad. He was just checking up because I said I was going to start blogging again, haha. Well.....I managed to blog once in the month of January which I guess is better than not at all. Now it's February and here I am, progress slowly but surely right? I really can't believe how fast the first month of the year flew by, usually I feel like January is a bit of a drag. Here is our recap in instagram fashion of course! :)

Ray and I have been going on date nights on Wednesdays while Audrey spends some time with Nana and Papa. We have fallen in love with Dave and Buster's since Greenville got one. We ate there twice and then had the grand idea we could have dinner elsewhere and then go there after for games. So. Much. Fun.

Audrey and I enjoyed a little date for some jumping fun to Gravitopia one random day when we had nothing better to do!

Daddy finally gave Audrey her very first bowl of popcorn!!
We took a trip to see Meme and Daddy B. to give them our couch for their playroom.

We spent MLK day with Jami and Paige at their house. The girls had so much fun playing together!

Fridays have become family movie night and pizza at our house! Times are getting crazy I tell you!

....and on a school related note, we celebrated the 100th day, only 80 more to go!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Recap of 2014....

My full intention and main resolution for the new year is to get back to blogging. I honestly haven't blogged in months because our computer all but crashed. But thanks to Santa and Daddy B. we now have a brand new one so maybe that will be incentive enough to get back into blogging. I love looking back and seeing what was going on in our lives. We definitely had a busy 2014. Our very first house in Pendleton went on the market in October of 2013 and we started off the year with our house selling, very bittersweet. I didn't realize how sad I would be when that day came or how complicated and frustrating it can be to house hunt. I always thought that would be the most exciting thing every and I am sure it may be to a patient individual, but that is one thing this girl could use a little more of.
It was also a very cold winter for South Carolina and we were lucky enough to be out of school a few days in January and almost a week in February. This gave me time to start packing up our house and some extra snuggle days with Audrey of course. We had a snow day on Valentine's day and Audrey and I celebrated with a lunch date to Chic-Fila. We moved out of our house the end of February and into my dear friend Casey's townhouse in Mauldin for a month and a half.

Luckily, not long after we moved, we made an offer on our house! March also brought warmer weather around here and tubes for Miss Audrey. Everyone kept telling me how tubes would be the best thing every but I didn't realize how true those words were. She had about 12 ear infections before the tubes went in and we haven't had one in almost a year now!

We moved into our new house in April at the beginning of my Spring Break, so that was consumed with unpacking and a trip to IKEA for playroom shelves. We spent Easter in Dillon and Joy, Julie Ann and I went to see Darius Rucker while we were there.

May was a little quieter with school winding down, thank goodness. I think the only thing we really did in May was some strawberry picking and Mother's Day celebrations! Oh, and we spent Memorial Day weekend with Jami and Paige on the lake. Joy, Audrey, and I went on Saturday to play with them and had so much fun we took Ray back on Sunday.

Summertime included our family beach trip and lots of fun resting and relaxing with Audrey. We definitely enjoyed our summer out of school. We took lots of trips to Hollywild, the children's museums, and enjoyed lots of lunch dates.

 In July, I also went to Vegas with some girls that I work with for the National Kindergarten conference. We had so much fun!!

 Right before school started back in August, we went to Dillon for Grandma Russie's 97th birthday party and Audrey also spent a week in Dillon with Meme and Daddy B. while I attended a training for work. Joy also moved from Charleston to Greenville and moved in with us for awhile to get settled in her new town and start looking at houses.

 We also celebrated Audrey's second birthday in August. Ray and I took her to Atlanta for the weekend and went to the GA aquarium and took a trip to Babyland General CPK Hospital. It was so much fun and Audrey enjoyed her first over night stay in a hotel.

Her actual birthday was on a Sunday and we were at home. We had a little party with Nana and Papa and Rachel and Charlie. The next weekend we went to Dillon where she had a little party there as well. We basically celebrated for three weekends in a row! Her big gift from us was her Kidkraft kitchen which she loves!!

Our highlight of September was a trip to Skytop Apple Orchard. I love this place and look forward to this outing every year and of course they have the best apple donuts around!!

In October, Ray surprised me with tickets to see Garth Brooks in Atlanta! We had a fun over night baby free date that was absolutely amazing!!

We also took our annual trip to Denver Downs right before Halloween to pick pumpkins.

We also went to McArthur Farms with Daddy B. and Meme for Daddy's B.'s work family fun day!!

Joy made us matching candy corn costumes for Halloween. They were absolutely precious and we took a trip to the zoo for Boo in the Zoo. It was so much fun! On Halloween night, we stuck around the neighborhood and Audrey had a blast trick or treating!

 In November, Audrey and I went with Ray to our only football game of the year and we had so much fun!! For a second I thought maybe we should have accompanied him to more for the season, just for a second.

 We hosted Thanksgiving for the first time ever and it was actually so nice being at home. Ray's parents and Rachel, Charlie, Halle, and Cannon came. Thursday night I actually got to go shopping with Casey for a little bit which was a rare treat since we normally are in Dillon for Black Friday shopping. On Friday, Audrey went to Meme and Daddy B.'s and we all went to the Biltmore house.

My parents came up on Sunday after Thanksgiving to bring Audrey home and also stay for my birthday! We got to make our first trip to Hollywild to see Christmas lights! Audrey definitely made the Christmas season lots of fun this year. We kicked off the season on my birthday with a North Pole breakfast, Audrey came obsessed with all things Elf and Rudolph, and she was so excited for Christmas morning because Santa was going to bring Thomas! Anytime you asked her what Santa was bringing her she said "just Thomas." We also had a Christmas play date at our house with Jami and Paige, made lots of Christmas goodies, and went to see lights several times. Audrey and I went to Dillon on Tuesday before Christmas and Ray came on Wednesday. He was able to stay until Sunday, which is probably the longest he has been able to stay and it was really nice.

For New Year's Eve, we had our friends Erin and Dave over for dinner and just to hang out and watch the ball drop. Audrey went and spent the night with Nana and Papa and we just had a relaxing old folks evening. It was so much fun. We started the New Year off right with lunch at P.F. Chang's before they went back to Columbia.

2014 was definitely an eventful year for us, I can't wait to see what 2015 has in store!