Tuesday, March 18, 2014

St. Patrick's Day...

Our St. Patrick's Day started with a visit to the ENT yesterday to have this little girls ears examined since we have had about seven ear infections in the last year. It was decided as we all knew it would be that she should probably go ahead and get tubes. She goes Friday for a hearing test to make sure the fluid hasn't made her hearing muffled and then we will schedule a date for the tubes. Ray met me there and thank goodness he did because Audrey didn't want to sit still and so I entertained her while he filled out all the new patient paperwork. We had a wait a good little while, but when we finally got into the office, she was happy to sit in the cool chair.
After her appointment, she went to school for a couple hours and apparently had a big time. Her teacher has been sending me pictures lately and I love it when I get them throughout my day.

Once we got home, we made a little St. Patrick's day handprint that I had been meaning to make for a couple of weeks now and then had broccoli and kiwi for our green dinner!

Once dinner was done I told Audrey to go find a book for us to read and I would be there in a minute. When I walked in the den I found she had climbed onto the couch, book in hand, already reading away! Makes my heart happy!

The Weekend...

This past weekend, Audrey and I headed to Dillon to visit Mimi and Daddy B. Joy came home too and we had a great time. Friday night we were supposed to go to Shuler's to eat dinner, but about an hour from home, Audrey threw up everywhere! This was her very first experience throwing up and doing it in the car all over everything was no fun. I pulled over, we somehow managed to get clean, and finished our trip. When we got to Dillon, poor girl pretty much went straight to bed. She seemed fine though when she woke up Saturday. She had watched a movie in the car for the first time ever and this happened right after the movie went off so I am thinking she may have gotten car sick.

Saturday, Joy and I went and had lunch while Audrey stayed with Mimi. After her nap, Katharine and Emmy came home and we got to meet Emmy for the first time! I will add pictures of their first meet up after Katharine post them because of course I didn't take any myself. :)

Saturday night we went to Shuler's to celebrate my uncle's birthday. Audrey had a big time looking at the ducks!!

.....and then we came home and just hung around for awhile until it was bedtime. It was definitely a nice relaxing weekend.

After church and lunch on Sunday, Mrs. Susan and Dorothy came to visit for a little while and then Audrey and I packed up and headed back to the upstate.

5 On Friday...

***Just realized today that this was somehow never posted on Friday...so here it is....

This week has flown by to me and I am definitely not complaining about it. Not that it has been a bad week but Audrey and I are heading to Dillon this afternoon and we can't wait to get there. Here are a few highlights from our week.

1. Monday it was so nice out, Audrey and I headed to a park that will be near our new house when we move in and had a great time. We ended our date by picking up Chic-Fila for dinner!

2. Cowboy Casserole: Tuesday night I made this yummy recipe from Taste of Home. Not the healthiest of casseroles but oh so good and Audrey loved it. I will definitely be making it again pretty soon.
3. Wednesday was the most windy day we have had ever I do believe without it storming. Audrey had a hard time standing up when we went to take Layla out!!

4. Last night we went on a little date with Ray to eat dinner at Red Robin and then to Lowe's to look for a new refrigerator. I think we have narrowed that down. Audrey had a big time running around the appliances.

5. Audrey has gotten two new teachers in her classroom in the last month that we absolutely love. This is one of them and she sent me this picture of her and Audrey making their "stank" faces this morning!!

Happy Friday!!! 

Monday, March 10, 2014


*I went to the new Blowdry bar in Greenville for my very first blowout. It was definitely something I will be doing again! I was able to go two days without doing anything to my hair!

*My parents came up for a visit and Mom, Audrey, and I went shopping and had a lunch date at California Dreaming.

*We continued our search for a new house, put an offer on one, and it was accepted!! Now we are just waiting to close on April 4th!
*We had another big snow for the south and were out of school for almost an entire week!!
*We celebrated Valentine's Day at home with a snow day! Audrey and I enjoyed a lunch date to Chic-Fila where she got her first ever kids meal.
*Joy came up for a visit and we enjoyed a nice Sunday outside. The weekend after the big snow it was 70 degrees!
*We spend our last week in our very first house and then moved to Casey's for the month of March!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


We have been busy busy this year so far selling our house, buying a new house, and moving and it is just March!! In January we....

*Sold our very first home! Audrey and I had gone to Dillon for MLK weekend and we knew there was a possibility that a couple would be putting an offer on our house that weekend. Ray called us on Saturday night with the offer and we accepted!! Our house had been on the market since the end of October, but we were in the mindset that we didn't really care how long it took to sell so we feel that it sold pretty quickly!!

*We had our first delay of the Winter and not because of snow but because of frigid temperatures. I love living in the South!!

*Audrey got a big girl pillow for her crib.

*We went back to the doctor because of yet another ear infection.
*Audrey got to see snow for the very first time! We had two snows within weeks of each other which never happens around here! The first one being at the end of January. We got out of school early on a Tuesday and didn't have to go back until Thursday and had a delay then!