Friday, May 23, 2014

Children's Musuem Play Date....

The last weekend in April Jami and Paige came to see our new house and we took a little trip to the Children's Museum. The girls had so much fun. Audrey had woken up way too early that morning so by lunch time she was ready to go home and eat lunch and take a nap. I will just let the pictures do the talking for most of this post.
 Checking out each other's groceries. Audrey did not want to leave the grocery section!
Audrey wasn't a big fan of the water area.
Afterwards, we came back to our house and had a spaghetti lunch on our kitchen floor since our breakfast table had not arrived yet, Audrey took a nap, and Jami, Paige, and I played outside for a bit before they packed up and headed back to Greenwood.


I know Easter was a month ago and I have just now posting about it but I am slowly but surely getting caught up on our happenings the last couple of months. Maybe come summer this blogging thing can become more of a habit, we will see if I am successful at that summer goal. We were in Dillon for Easter and Mom's birthday. That Saturday morning Ray met us there.

 My wonderful sister made our dresses this year and even made Ray a matching tie. We love dresses from Tanta.

The Easter bunny came to Mimi's after church on Easter and then he had made his way to our house before we got home.

 In Mimi and Daddy B.'s Easter basket she got the cutest Mudpie giraffe dress, two sippy cups, snack containers, bunny ear, puffs (which were probably her favorite thing in her basket), and some books.
In the Easter basket at our house she got bubbles, a lamb, her beaufort bonnet of course, sand toys, crayons and a coloring tablet, a new bathing suit and sun hat, and flip flops.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Spring Break....

I am really trying to get caught up on blogging because I really miss blogging about everyday things yet I feel like I can't do that until I get caught up on the things I really want to document! Our Spring Break started with us finally moving into our new house!!  We are so glad to finally be in but still have to much to do. I didn't realize how long it would take us to actually get settled. We still are waiting on our breakfast table which will be here Thursday!! We are also waiting on a tv stand for the den, right now we are using our old coffee table. Sooo needless to say I haven't taken pictures of the inside yet to share. These are a few that were on Zillow when the house was listed.

I am so excited about our backyard. Right now it looks pretty bare but my goal is to make look a lot like the previous owners had it!
My parents and sister came up on Friday, April 11th to help us start moving. We worked all weekend with the exception of Ray and I going out to dinner for our anniversary on Saturday night!
On Sunday, Audrey went home with my Mom and Dad to spend the week in Dillon and Joy stayed to helped me unpack for a few more days. Monday came around and we decided we needed a break from doing things in the house so we headed to Charlotte for a trip to IKEA. We also ate a yummy lunch at P.F. Chang's. It was my very first trip!!
We were able to get Audrey bookcases, baskets, and a table and chairs for her playroom. The only room in the house that is somewhat like what I have in mind for it. I still need to get a chair or some sort of seating in there and I am going to put her birthday posters on the wall.

Tuesday was my Mom's birthday so Joy and I headed to Dillon for the rest of the week. We had birthday dinner at Outback and then my Dad threw her a little dessert party once we got home.

The rest of the week we just relaxed, ate way too much, and did a little shopping.

Joy's roommate Julie Ann came up on Friday and we headed to Fayetteville for the Corey Smith, Eli Young Band, and Darius Rucker concert.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

School Days.....

Audrey's teachers have started sending me pictures of her having fun at school. I absolutely love getting pictures of her throughout the day and she is having a ball at school these days. She only has about a month left at her current school and we are going to be so sad when we have to move her, but since we moved we are driving over an hour out of the way each day so she could finish out the school year where she started school in August.

They had an egg hunt on our moving day! She had a blast and I was a little sad I couldn't be there but Miss Autumn took plenty of pictures!!

Monday, April 28, 2014

March Playdate....

The weekend before St. Patrick's Day, Audrey and I headed to Greenwood to play with Jami and Paige. The girls had a great time playing outside almost all day, especially Audrey who was so excited to be outdoors in a new place. Our outside time is just a bit less than Paige's. We got to see their new house and have a yummy lunch and just let the girls play. It was very nice and relaxing!